Clear Communications is part of UK Networks Group Limited. As a group, it provides a wide range of communication products and services, such as VoIP Telephony, Fibre Broadband, Mobile SIMS and e-SIMS, IT Support Services, Web Hosting, Domain Names, VPS and Dedicated Servers, Graphic Design, Printing Services, Promotional Gifts and so much more.


Clear Communications is a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) provider, and our range of services are designed for all types and sizes of businesses. For too many years, businesses have been paying too much for their telecommunications needs - not anymore. We can save your business between 50 - 75% per annum with no requirement for capital expenditure. Call us today and we'll help you make the simple transition to a cloud-based VoIP PBX system that will not only help you gain more customers, but help you to work smarter, more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of standard phone lines, ISDN and in-house PBX systems. Come on, put us to the test!


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